Just Go For It

By Hana Kim
CGI U was such an amazing experience, where I was able to learn and become so inspired by others around me. The environment at CGIU was so welcoming and innovative, where I really felt like the people around me were able to make an impact and solve some of the toughest world problems. Even though none of us had ever met, I felt like I was part of a community. This was a community where we inspired and motivated others to continue and create their projects. It was also a comfortable learning environment, where we would share ideas and discuss society’s problems. The speakers and workshops were all incredible and I was able to take back something new from each one. It was such an amazing experience when I was somehow able to sit in the front row seat for Conan’s talk with President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. I was also had the great opportunity of asking President Bill Clinton about how to change this mindset of issues that are not seen as true problems. During the course of all this, I was sitting next to Haben Girma, a lawyer who was the first deaf and blind person to graduate from Harvard. My favorite moment at CGIU was probably the first panel. It was so inspiring to see what people had to overcome to make their dreams and achievements possible as well as the failures or initial visions they had for their social ventures. I’m still in the process of researching for my social venture, but I have never been more inspired and motivated to continue researching and creating. I always felt that my vision was too big and it would take so long, but going to CGI U motivated me to see that a lot of people just went for it and the first step is believing in your project no matter how far off it may seem.


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